Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Goody Spin Pins = easy messy updo!

I bought these a short while ago in my local ASDA for £4.98. I've been in search of something that would help create a messy bun and make up for my distinct lack of hair skillz. First impressions are very good. The pins are simple to use and invisible in the hair. Despite my hair being thick, wavy and freshly washed, it felt like it was held in place securely. The end result was quite messy which is what I was aiming for. Those with smoother hair which isn't layered like mine could probably create a neater bun. They were in stock in either blonde or brunette which I guess helps blend them into the hair. The card in the box suggests a few different styles and gives instructions. I also bought the Goody Easy Up Do tool but first impressions of that are less favourable. I will reserve judgement until I experiment some more. Recommend the spin pins for snyone with mid to long hair though.

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