Saturday, 4 September 2010

Laura Mercier's luscious lip silk

I bought this little tube in Sephora while in New York. I think it was $20 but I have seen it in Space NK for £16 (about £4 more, so yet again we are ripped off). Either way this is pricey for a tiny tube of lip balm however I so hate having dry, sore lips that I dont mind splashing out on an expensive product to save and use at bed time. This nice thick balm does the job even when used sparingly. It seemed to prevent a healing cold sore getting to the painful, bleeding stage which is a minor miracle. It doesnt have much scent or taste which personally I prefer. I thinks its comparable to my much beloved Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip treatment although that is possbly more hygienic and convenient as its a stick. I wonder what heights my expensive lip treatment habit will reach? Would I spend £32 on the By Terry Baume de Rose?

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sunshine and Rain

Despite the gorgeous sunny weather we have had this week, I have been obsessed by this Eyeko Rain polish. Its the first time I have bought anything from Eyeko and it was this that pulled me in. Its a beautiful blue, grey shade which is a little bit different but not too in your face for work. I have a hard time with blue and green polish but I like this with my pale skin tone. The consistency is really good. I did two coats out of habit but one thick one may have worked well. Staying power is average at about 3 days without chips or tip wear. Available from for £3.50 I have a feeling this will be a repurchase for me.
Happy Friday

PS Happy to report that my rash is now gone (cause still a mystery!) which means my lotion and potion love is back with a vengence.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Its been too long!

Apologies once again for the recent lack of posts which is down to a few different factors.
Firstly I was away on a little trip to Ireland for a friends wedding (gorgeous!) last weekend.
Secondly I have been selling (hopefully done now) my flat and searching for a new place. We need to move in 8 weeks - eek!
Thirdly I have broken out in Hives which means I have been avoiding most of my beloved lotions and potions *sad face*. This combined with the sedating effects of the medication I have to take has left me uninspired at best and positively zombie-like at worst.
I have been enjoying reading everyone else's posts though and will hopefully be back soon

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Goody Spin Pins = easy messy updo!

I bought these a short while ago in my local ASDA for £4.98. I've been in search of something that would help create a messy bun and make up for my distinct lack of hair skillz. First impressions are very good. The pins are simple to use and invisible in the hair. Despite my hair being thick, wavy and freshly washed, it felt like it was held in place securely. The end result was quite messy which is what I was aiming for. Those with smoother hair which isn't layered like mine could probably create a neater bun. They were in stock in either blonde or brunette which I guess helps blend them into the hair. The card in the box suggests a few different styles and gives instructions. I also bought the Goody Easy Up Do tool but first impressions of that are less favourable. I will reserve judgement until I experiment some more. Recommend the spin pins for snyone with mid to long hair though.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Too Faced will make you Bronzed and Beautiful

Or at least they will try with this Bronzed and Beautiful palette. My eye was well and truly caught by this beauty in Boots but I resisted given it was £21 and I definately did not need another bronzer, far less a palette of three! For some reason it is available here (not obviously as a sale item although currently out of stock) for the more reasonable price of £13 and when I found it my resolve crumbled. I'm really glad I was weak as I love this palette. The second picture shows the colours more true to life I would say. It has 3 mini sizes of the Too Faced bronzers:

Pink Leopard - great bronzey pink with gold shimmer
Snow bunny - 4 shades, gives a subtle very pretty highlighted glow
Sun Bunny - 2 natural deep bronze shades, well pigmented and quite matte

The palette is cardboard but so far seems sturdy and to be holding up well. There is a decent mirror in the top, making it good for travel or in your bag. The kabuki brush is very soft but the shape is what is really great as its slightly flattened which means I can use the full side for all over colour with Pink Leopard or the flat side for contouring with sun bunny and highlighting with the lightest snow bunny shades. Love it!

Another Maxi dress

I wore this dress last night to the Ruby Wedding party of my friends parents. I missed out when it was available on but was delighted when the lovely Nicola mentioned she had my size going spare in one of her You Tube videos (both her blog and You Tube are great, definately recommend checking them out if you havent already). Its a bit slinkier than my other maxis so spanx are definately required! I really felt good in it and wore it with some tan wedges, a dull gold shrug, gold jewellery and a turquoise flower in my hair which nearly didnt survive the Ceilidh dancing! I am hoping to get some more wears in before the summer is over. Its actually been a beautiful day here, sunny and warm. We took a rare chance to venture out for some yummy ice cream this afternoon which went down very well although if it becomes a regular thing I will have to buy more spanx, lol.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Amarone for Autumn

Despite really enjoying a chilled white or Rose on a warm (I can just about remember what that is) evening, I am really much more of a red wine drinker. My favourite red wine is Amarone. I discovered this on a wine tasting evening - mightily good fun and not too serious or stuffy, at Peckhams Deli. Now, I'm no expert but this is definately a full flavoured red which the husband ejoys muchly also. Its described as having aromas of cherries, berries and exotic fruits and a flavour that is warm, soft and full-bodied. At around £15 a bottle its definately a treat to be savoured and enjoyed. Thanks to my brother in law I have a bottle of this tucked away to enjoy on an Autumn evening.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Glasgow nail of the day

Apologies for the crappy quality of this pic but I had to show you my nail polish purchase of yesterday. I was in John Lewis to buy presents for other people when I saw the perfect little mid-week present for me. One of the teeny cute Mavala polishes called out to me and that polish was called Glasgow. Its a really lovely lilac, grey pearl which I know I will love even more in winter. The colour in the pic is fairly true to life. To early to comment on durability but application was great despite my fears about the tiny brush. One coat was a pretty, slightly sheer but not streaky covering. The above pic is after two coats plus a CND topcoat. Do you like my weedgie nails?

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Stila Kitten, my new purrfect eye shadow!

Pardon the cheesy title but I might be a bit excited by this shadow. It was a Sephora purchase during my recent trip to NYC and OMG, how did I live without this prettiness in my life. I suspected, even when I swatched this in store, that I was falling for the hype and it wouldnt be anything special. I was wrong, big time! This shimmering (and it does shimmer rather than glitter) nude shadow is the perfect wash of colour and makes my blue eyes look so awake. I have worn it every day this week with satin taupe in the crease. A match made in heaven I feel. As an added bonus, with only a little UDPP, it stays put with no creasing for 12+ hours - ammmaaazing! I will cry many many tears if Stila ever discontinue this and have ordered a compact to protect the precious pan <3

Sunday, 8 August 2010

YSL Eyeliner Moire = eyeliner win!

I posted a while back about my disppointment with the Estee Lauder Double wear eyeliner. After some careful internet research I sent for the YSL Eyeliner Moire in no.6 Chocolate and it has not disppointed. It has a very fine brush which can deliver a thin or heavy line along the lashes. The colour is a nice deep brown which isnt shimmery, so wearable for day time. It dries fast and does not budge, without the horrible tacky heaviness of its Estee Lauder counterpart. This is not a cheap product although I managed to find it for around 16 quid on line which is a slight saving. I just wish I had saved the pounds spent on the EL. *sigh* Its tough being a beauty junkie!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

MbMJ sunglasses purchase

I think these were possibly the last purchase I made in NYC. I havent had new sunglasses for years, partly because I am indecisive and partly because I could never find just the right pair. I fell in love with these babies from Marc by Marc Jacobs. The colour really suits me and they are so huge and glam. At around 70 quid they werent exactly cheap but I do tend to look after my sunnies so *crosses fingers* these should last me years. I did save around 30 quid compared to what they would have cost here in the UK - gotta love the girlynomics!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Home Again

Just a quick note to say I am home again with lots of purchases to talk about. There might be a bit of a delay since we are busy getting ready for my husband's birthday party tomorrow


Thursday, 29 July 2010

New York City Baby!!!

I am very excited currently as we leave on Saturday (2 sleeps to go!) for 4 nights in NYC. I feel a Sephora trip coming on. Any recommendations for what I should buy? I currently have 9 items in my online shopping cart but we will need to see what I think when I see the products in person. Be back next week, hopefully with lots of purchases to discuss!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dramatic hair masque!

I picked up this dramtically titled hair masque in ASDA (along with my weekly shop, lol) today as despite having a haircut yesterday my hair is feeling a bit frazzled. The haircut wasnt terrible but it wasnt great either which certainly hasnt helped the way I would have liked. I was drawn to this as it was a good price (less than 4 quid) and is one of those treatments which works in 3 minutes making it realistic for me to use in the shower. I tend to wash my hair in the morning so time is of the essence. I dont love the packaging as its very 80s and a bit naff looking imho but I will try this out and let you know how it goes.
Here is what the web site says

Winner of best hair mask in the Psychologies magazine Beauty Awards 2009. The superstar of hair treatments for when hair needs SOS repair. Gorgeous Shea Butter helps to gently mend all the cracks, smoothes the hair cuticles and adds supercharged shine.
Repairs broken, dry and damaged hair.
Packed with shea butter that encases hair in moisture from root to tip.
Repairs and protects against weather damage, dryness and split ends.
Smoothes hair cuticles and pro Vitamin B5 adds shine.
Repairs in 3 minutes.

I am hoping for sleek, shiny, healthy hair to jet off to NYC (eek, exciting!) with in 6 days time. If it gives me that, all packaging complaints will be forgotten!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Inecto Pure Coconut oil Glossing Spray for delish summer hair

I am loving this at the moment for days when I dont blow dry my naturally wavy hair. I love the smell of coconut so was drawn to this in Superdrug. At around 3 pounds it didnt seem like a big risk. I'm pleased to say I love it. I spray it liberally onto damp hair then add more to any frizzy areas which remain when its dry. It never seems to overload my hair unlike some serums I've used and leaves a lovely shine and light coconut scent - perfect for summer.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Double Wear? Double Disappointment!

I recently got the Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid eyeliner in bronze hoping that I could create a really simple but pretty eye that would last all day at a wedding. I planned to team it with my Bronze Goddess liquid shadow in sand shimmer (<3) and lashings of mascara. My thought was that less is more in warm weather, especially when I wanted my make up to last 12 plus hours. Unfortunately I detest this product. On the positive side it applies well and easily with a short brush applicator and is such a pretty colour. I just cant stand the way it feels sticky, tight and kind of heavy on my lids. I plan to pass it on to my sis to see if she likes it better and in the mean time I have a nice substitute which I will share with you all at some point.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Best Batiste ever

I have been a regular Batiste user for some time as I dont like to wash my colour processed hair everyday but need something to freshen up my side swept fringe on non wash days. I struggled a bit with the scents generally sticking to original or tropical but never really loving any of them. The new Fresh scent has changed all that. It really does just have a light, clean smell and is exactly what I want from a hair product. I am kind of interested to try the other new product which is called Nude and is marketed as a 'green' version of the regular product. I suspect though that the application would defeat my clumsy self as it has a nozzle which you just sprinke onto your roots. Messy methinks!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Keys around my neck

I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for key necklaces this summer. The first is by Anna Lou of London from Accessories on line who I definately recommend for their speedy service and frequent discount codes. I believe they now do free P&P too, which is even better. The second is a daintier key which dangles on a longer chain by Juicy couture. I got it at a big discount from Brand Alley. I'm really enjoying both these pieces and while they were more than I typically spend on costume jewellery its nice not to have them fall apart or become discoloured after a couple of wears. I do believe in the old adage 'you get what you pay for'.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Accessories purchase of today

I got this set of four stretchy bracelets in Debenhams, half price (6 quid) in the sale. There are 2 gold and 2 bright (much more so than it seems in this pic) turquoise. I <3 them! Great for people like me that love the look of multiple bangles but find them downright annoying. I just cannot handle all the moving about and jangling!
Happy Friday! xxx

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bliss Steep Clean for a deep clean

I bought this as I was feeling that my combination/dry skin was generally looking quite shiny only a couple of hours after applying my make up in the morning. Its marketed for oily and combination skin which I dont have but I was attracted to its promise to reduce oil without drying. This is a traditional smooth cleanser which has a light, clean scent. I was a bit worried that it might be too astringent and harsh but it isnt at all and doesnt even sting freshly plucked eyebrows! I use just one pump (convenient, love in the morning!) in the shower with my pink Soap & Glory scrublet and it does seem to be helping keep the nasty, shiny T zone at bay, leaving my skin feeling really fresh. I think its fairly economical as it will last me ages at the rate I am using it. So far my skin doesnt seem to be drying out with it and I do think some slight red marks around my chin area are looking fainter. Very happy with my purchase, helped by the usual fab, quick service from HQHair

Sunday, 27 June 2010

My lovely Ladybirds

Aren't these little studs just so cute? I have always loved Ladybirds so couldnt resist these. They are perfect when you want small earrings to wear with chunky necklaces. I first saw them on ASOS (now reduced in the sale!) but searched and found them cheaper on Revolve. Stupidly I thought I might escape customs charges but no such luck so they werent really much cheaper in the end. Oh well, I think they are worth it and havent taken them off since they arrived.

Marvellous maxis

Both these dresses have been recently purchased after a long while looking for a maxi dress I felt was me. In fact I stalked the first one on eBay for months having tried it on in Monsoon last summer, not bought it and then been unable to get my size in store. The second one is boden and is lovely and comfy to wear. Strangely at 5'6" I needed a tall length so it would probably be a good choice for petites in the regular length.

Friday, 25 June 2010

mini Nars haul

I recently decided I needed more Nars products - just because, you know how it is. I was tempted by a 15% off code for HQ Hair and the promise of a free mini orgasm illuminator with any 2 Nars products. I got the Multiple bronzer stick in Tuomota, Nepal shadow and Deep throat (tee hee) blush. I am really happy with all 3 products and have worn them together every day this week for work - such an easy summer look. The quality is really nice and they all blend so well. The Nars packaging is delicious but gets so grubby so quickly! The Orgasm illuminator looks really pretty and I'm hoping I can test it out properly tonight.

Villa Maria Marlborough, Private Bin, Sauvignon Blanc

I am currently enjoying a well chilled glass of this. I love a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the summer and this is currently on special for 5.99 (33% off) in Sainsburys. Its very dry and crisp which is exactly how I like my white wine. Sainsburys describe it as full of passion fruit and lime flavours. I'm not sure I get that exactly but its certainly citrussy.
Have a great weekend, lets hope its a sunny one, Cheers!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New Shoes, I didnt mean to, honest!

In a fit of impusivity I recently bought a gold ruffly clutch from Dune. I was buying the Head over Heels shoes and the assistant suggested the bag would go. I was sucked in because it was on sale but quickly realised it was in fact rather hideous! I found another, much prettier bag in accessorize but unfortunately could only exchange the Dune bag. I ended up with these little beauties which I am pretty pleased with. I have wanted a pair of leopard flats for ages and these look very expersive irl. I doubt I will wear them much over the summer but come autumn winter I know I will be glad to have them especially to wear with basic black outfits.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Head over heels shoes

I bought these recently to wear to a wedding, with a coral dress. They are from Dune's new Head over Heels line. They were very comfy to wear all day as the heel is manageable and they are soft leather. I think the line is a tiny bit cheaper than regular Dune. Have any of you checked these shoes out?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Much love for Liz Earle Hand repair

I am not sure why, but my hands have been really dry and, to be frank old ladyish recently. Not a good look. I have turned to an old favourite to sort them out. In my opinion Liz Earle makes exceptional hand cream.
Here is how they describe it

'This powerful, non-greasy cream provides instant protection and relief for your hands. With panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), soothing echinacea, toning hops, plus antioxidants beta-carotene and natural source vitamin E, this treatment helps to condition nails, soften cuticles and protect against dehydration'

At 14.50 for 100ml pump this is not cheap but it really does work and one pump is more than enough for both hands so it lasts well. Somehow it manages to feel rich and luxurious without being greasy. It smells gorgeous and is absorbed quickly which is important for me during the day.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Most beautiful lipstick ever

I have always been a gloss girl but recently have been experimenting more with lipstick. I love that my hair doesnt stick to it - eugh. A fairly recent discovery has been the YSL Rouge Volupte line and omg an addiction is now born! These are not cheap by any means, retailing at 21 quid generally although occassionally they can be found in less popular colours for less. The formulation is to die for, so soft and creamy yet still pigmented and with unexpected staying power. The packaging is very special, I'm sure you will agree. I love that the end has a small mirror on it which is great for touch ups. I have Sensual Silk (number 2), a pinky nude and Faubourg Peach (number 30), a bright coral so far.....I see more Rouge Voluptes in my future. This could get expensive!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Summer trousers, yay for New Look

I bought 2 pairs of these at the weekend after spotting them for a bargainous 20 quid in New Look. I bought this colour and a dark grey pair. Being pear shaped I generally go for wide legged trousers but I think the slim but not skinny shape is really flattering. I love that I can wear them long or rolled so they work with heels or flats and will save on packing for trips away this summer.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pretty summer scent

I bought this Issey Miyake A Scent Eau de Parfum Florale recently after really enjoying a sample from Red magazine. I am hopeless at describing scents so here is what Boots say

'A floral, feminine and warm fragrance. A bouquet of flowers made of hyacinth, jasmine and rose’s petals fused with the warmth of woody notes.Olfactory family: Floral Woody Top notes: Jasmine Middle notes: Hyacinth and rose's petals Base notes: Warm wood'

The best part is that I paid for this with advantage points! Its normally 33 pounds for 25ml (which is the size I got so I can through it in my bag) 46.50 for 40ml.

So far I am loving it.

Hair care I am loving right now

Tara Smith shampoo and conditioner
in C Curls. Last autumn I was loving the Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco and I still enjoy that but this range is one third of the price. It smells so fresh and does work particularly well when I am leaving my hair to dry naturally ie wavy. An added bonus is that its free from parabens and other nasties. Find out more at

cheers x

Sorry its been so long

I have been inspired to start writing here again after a long hiatus which was initially started by getting married and being on honeymoon. In fairness the honeymoon was 2 weeks rather than 6 months but still please accept my apologies!

Cheers x